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Expanding the reach of local Peterborough businesses with GiveLo

By PKED Comms
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Founded in 2013, GiveLo is a website that helps connect the community by making it easy to purchase gift certificates from local independent businesses in Peterborough. Founded by Javier Bravo, GiveLo’s mission is to connect the Peterborough community to the fantastic local initiative in the area. GiveLo users can even use the website to donate to local charities and organizations!

“I started GiveLo as a way to share my love for our Peterborough community,” says GiveLo founder Javier Bravo. “One of the things I love most about Peterborough is our downtown area and thriving businesses and restaurants. I created GiveLo as a way to help these independent businesses compete with the big box retailers.”

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And with GiveLo, Javier has done just that. Since creating GiveLo almost eight years ago, Javier feels reassured that his initiative connects with the local residents. “The more we grow, the more reassured I am that the GiveLo initiative is working to connect our community businesses and non-profit organizations. We continue to see growth and success in our mission, and we hear resounding feedback from both our business and non-profit partners that the GiveLo website is making an impact.”

Originally named Give Locally, GiveLo’s mission is simple. To help to connect local retailers and non-profits with untapped markets within their communities. According to Javier, the impact of these connections is immeasurable on both a small and large scale. “What people don’t understand is that the impacts of their dollars being spent locally can have profound effects on our community as a whole. When you shop local, approximately 75% of your dollar will stay within the community. When shopping at a big box store or large retail chain, almost 75% of your dollar leaves the community,” says Javier.

When asked about the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on local businesses and organizations, Javier shared a message of hope. “One of the positive things we have seen come out of this pandemic is an increased focus on supporting our local community. The give where we live philosophy has really taken root during these difficult times. For GiveLo, our mission is only just beginning. We still have so much potential to make an impact with our community’s support.”

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For Javier, creating a culture of collaboration and diversity within our community is paramount to the function of GiveLo. “What I want people to understand is that the resiliency of our county and our city is based on the diverse businesses and organizations that we support,” says Javier. “The more diverse of community, the more resilient we will become and continue to be.”

To end our conversation, Javier shared the moments of success that he finds each and every day running GiveLo. “Every time someone buys a gift certificate from a local retailer or donates to a local organization through the GiveLo platform, I feel incredibly humbled. I am proud of our work to support our local community, especially during these challenging times. Gift certificates are a loyalty tool for any business, but particularly our local businesses that rely on community support to survive.”

To learn more about GiveLo, or to support a local business or organization through the GiveLo platform, visit

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