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5 Ways To Support Local Business During COVID-19

By PKED Comms
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While it’s not possible for everyone in Peterborough & the Kawarthas to financially support every single local business, we can do our best to.

If you do have the financial means, continuing to spend money locally (where you’re able to) could help save jobs and ensure that your favourite local businesses can reopen when this unprecedented crisis is over. Even if you don’t have the cash, there’s still ways to help! 

With that mantra in mind, here are five easy ways you can help support the local economy during this crisis:

1. Buy Local Food

Check out, learn about where your food is coming from and support those local producers through online farmers markets.

Local Food PTBO ( and @localfoodptbo on social media) was launched by Farms at Work and the initiative is funded by the Peterborough Cattlemen, Trent University Food Services, Sunderland Co-op, Farms at Work and the Peterborough County Federation of Agriculture. 

“Now more than ever, people are looking for information related to local food, especially where they can access food,” Pat Learmonth, Director of Farms at Work said.

“It ( provides a gateway for the public to learn about all things food-related in the community,” Learmonth added. currently includes a list of all the farmers’ markets in the area, and how to get updates on their status this season.

Website visitors can also will learn about what goes on at each participating farm, and how each process determines what local food is available at different times in the year – from fruit and vegetables to meats, dairy products, eggs, maple syrup and honey. will also include links to over 20 videos on local farms, community garden information, emergency food sources and workshops on how to do your own cooking and canning.

2. Shop Local

Many local businesses have pivoted to providing their products and services online through e-commerce. The Kawartha Chamber of Commerce has launched a website to support local businesses looking to sell their gift cards online. The website was built in partnership with local agency acorn30 as a way for the community to support local business during these times. 

The Greater Peterborough Chamber of Commerce launched a gift card program enabling local businesses to also sell gift cards online. To register your business or purchase a gift card, click here.

The Peterborough DBIA has also launched a gift card program for businesses in Downtown Peterborough. When you purchase gift cards from your favourite shops, restaurants, pubs and services on the DBIA website, you will receive the gift cards via mail directly from the businesses.

You can also just check out your favourite shop’s website or social media accounts to see what they’re still offfering.

3. Order Takeout or Delivery

Plenty of local restaurants are still offering takeout and delivery rather than dine-in services. Social media channels are being flooded with locals showing off the latest delicious delivery or take out options.

4. Local Subscriptions

It may sound a little conterintuitive, but you should consider subscribing to your local theatre or other community arts initiatives, to help them keep the lights on. That way you can enjoy a performance in the near future.

Check out the Peterborough Theatre Guild’s Box Office

You could also support the 4th Line Theatre, Showplace Performance Centre and New Stages Theatre Company just to name a few.

5. Leave a Positive Review

A super easy, free and very valuable way to support your local businesses. If you’re not in a financial position to purchase something, writing a positive review on Google Maps, Yelp, OpenTable, Facebook or TripAdvisor will help encourage others to visit when the time is right.

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