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Cleantech in Peterborough & the Kawarthas

Discover a growing landscape of cleantech in Peterborough & the Kawarthas, a region defined by its innovative minds, strong commitment to sustainability, and unique connection to water.

With the Trent-Severn Waterway and over 150 lakes shaping our landscapes, it’s not just rich natural resources that make our area an ideal home for businesses aiming to minimize environmental impact and promote sustainability. Cleantech companies in Peterborough benefit from a robust business and innovation ecosystem, cutting-edge laboratories, and a wealth of homegrown talent from two local and highly engaged educational institutions – all supported by major municipal investments. Read on to learn why green tech and clean tech companies are proud to call the Peterborough region “home.”

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Two people in white lab coats take a water sample from a creek
#2 largest Cleantech Sector in Canada
Peterborough features the second-largest cleantech sector in Canada and has achieved the remarkable status of being ranked the second-best city in the country (number one in Ontario) for Watertech Startups.
Top 20
Trent University offers one of Canada’s Top 20 environmental science programs, featuring an extensive selection of 140 courses for students to explore.
Source: Trent University
The cleantech sector in Ontario provides employment for 127,000 individuals, contributing significantly to the province’s workforce.
Ontario’s cleantech sectors make a substantial impact on the economy, contributing $25.2 billion to the province’s GDP.
Aerial view of the Cleantech Commons grounds

Investment Opportunity

Join other leaders in water technology, wastewater treatment, biomaterials and agri-food at Cleantech Commons, at Trent University.

Positioned as Canada’s Research and Technology Park, Cleantech Commons is a Canadian hub focused exclusively on clean, green, low-carbon technology research, innovation, commercialization, and entrepreneurship. Its vision to become Canada’s Premier Cleantech Destination makes Cleantech Commons an ideal choice for businesses seeking a home base in this dynamic sector.

Growth and Innovation in the Critical Cleantech Sector

The clean technology industry is a vibrant and rapidly expanding space that encompasses a broad number of products, services, and processes – all designed to reduce environmental impact and foster sustainability.

This exciting sector plays an important role in addressing environmental challenges and finding innovative solutions across all industries. From delivering clean and safe power solutions, to transforming process industries with cutting-edge measurement instruments, to developing integrated testing approaches that minimizing the impact of mining operations on local water resources, cleantech companies in Peterborough are leading the way in environmental innovation.

Peterborough’s cleantech sector – and the Canadian cleantech sector as a whole – continues to grow, contributing to global efforts to combat climate change and build a cleaner planet.

A Living Lab: Peterborough’s Sustainable Community

Peterborough & the Kawarthas is a community committed to sustainability and is one of only a few Ontario communities with a sustainability report card. Learn about some of the green initiatives driving innovation and growth in our region:

Green Economy Peterborough Logo

Green Economy Peterborough

Green Economy Peterborough is part of an innovative, award-winning national network of Green Economy Hubs, which helps its members identify, set, and achieve sustainability goals while improving the bottom line.

RCE Peterborough-Kawartha-Haliburton Logo

Peterborough-Kawartha Haliburton-Regional Centre of Expertise (RCE)

Peterborough Kawartha Haliburton is designated as a Regional Centre of Expertise for Sustainable Development by the United Nations University as endorsed by UNESCO – 1 of only 8 RCE’s in Canada.

Innovation Cluster Logo

The Innovation Cluster Peterborough & the Kawarthas

The Innovation Cluster Peterborough & the Kawarthas supports innovative entrepreneurs in the formation and growth of their technology-driven companies, including cleantech.

The Innovation Cluster operates The Cube, Peterborough’s two full-service business incubators: The Trent Makerspace – a world-class lab facility for cleantech companies to produce, test, and commercialize IP-based biotechnology products, and the Downtown incubator – a cleantech lab space called the H2O Makerspace with over $50,000 of benchtop water tech equipment available for innovators to use.

Sustainable Peterborough Logo

Sustainable Peterborough

Sustainable Peterborough is a community-based, regional partnership comprised of community groups, residents, businesses, local governments, and First Nations. Partners work together to ensure a sustainable future through the integration of the sustainability framework identified in the Community Sustainability Plan which defines what a Sustainable Peterborough will look like for the next generation and sets goals, directions, and actions for balancing the environmental, socio-cultural, and economic pillars of sustainability.

Home to Cleantech-Minded Education & Research

Explore the latest in cleantech education from Peterborough, with access to three top-tier institutions.

Trent University Logo

Trent University’s Leading Environmental & Life Sciences Graduate Program and Research Facilities

Trent University graduates between 160 to 180 students annually within its Environmental & Life Sciences graduate program, one of the oldest thesis research-based environmental graduate programs and one of the top programs of its type in Canada.

Trent University ranks #1 among Undergraduate Universities in Ontario & #4 in Undergraduate Research Universities in Canada. It’s also home to 14 state-of-the-art environmental and life science-focused research facilities, including the Water Quality Centre—a leading mass spectrometry facility specializing in method development and the application of new, innovative techniques for measuring isotopes and trace amounts of organic/inorganic contaminants in water and other environmental compartments.

Fleming College Logo

Fleming College‘s Specialized Water and Wastewater Programs, and Cutting-Edge Research Facilities

Fleming College is creating a talent pipeline with the Water Operator and Wastewater Operator Training programs as well as the Advanced Water Systems Operations and Management Co-op.

A range of offerings can be found at the Fleming College Kawartha Trades and Technology Centre, an expansive 87,000 square foot facility in Peterborough, dedicated to trades and technology skills training. This centre serves as a hub for teaching and training students from Fleming College, as well as regional secondary schools, and regional industry.

The Fleming School of Environmental and Natural Resources Sciences and the School of Trades and Technology, as well as The Centre for Advancement of Water and Wastewater Technologies (CAWT), an internationally recognized research institute, further demonstrate Fleming College’s commitment to supporting the cleantech sector.

Ontario Tech Univeristy Logo

Ontario Tech University’s Clean Energy Research Lab (CERL)

Just a short drive from Peterborough is Ontario Tech University, home to the Clean Energy Research Lab (CERL), a world-class research facility. There, researchers are working on the world’s first lab-scale demonstration of a copper-chlorine cycle for thermochemical water splitting and nuclear hydrogen production.

The CERL is used to conduct research on hydrogen production, heat engines, and nanotechnology. The groundbreaking experiments currently underway at this location position it at the forefront of this research. With hydrogen emerging as a promising clean energy carrier for the future, work at the CERL showcases the potential for impactful solutions to address climate change.

A Skilled Cleantech Workforce

With over 54% of Peterborough’s workforce possessing post-secondary qualifications, local companies have access to a pool of educated and specialized talent.

In 2018, more than 5,400 graduates were produced from Fleming College and Trent University. With 96% of Trent grads securing employment within two years, the cleantech industry has access to a robust talent pipeline.

STEM occupations – fields crucial in the advancement of sustainable solutions – attract 14% of our region’s graduates, creating a local environment conducive to innovation, research, and growth in the cleantech space.

Cleantech in Ontario

Ontario can be considered a trailblazer when it comes to clean energy solutions, known for leadership in everything from solar and hydrogen, to biofuels, electric vehicles, and water technology.

The province is also home to many premier research institutes and technology incubators focusing specifically on cleantech, providing an ideal environment for businesses pursuing the latest in sustainable technologies. With top-tier R&D incentives available, choosing Ontario as your business location means joining an ecosystem committed to fostering innovation and finding solutions to the biggest environmental challenges.

Peterborough’s ideal location, engaged community, and strong commitment to sustainability make it a key player in Ontario’s cleantech space.

Ontario is Canada’s largest cleantech sector, leading the way in sustainable innovations and green technologies.
Access a workforce of 127,000 professionals in Ontario’s thriving cleantech sector.
Ontario features 5,000 companies dedicated to environmental solutions.
Ontario’s cleantech industry contributes an impressive $25.2B to the GDP.
100 water technology incubators position Ontario at the forefront of water innovation.
Annual exports in Ontario’s cleantech industry total $7.2B.
Recognized globally, three Ontario companies have secured spots on the prestigious 2023 Global Cleantech 100 list.

Cleantech in Canada

Canada is a global leader in cleantech innovation, particularly in water technologies, carbon capture and storage (CCS), and renewable energy. Groundbreaking techniques are developed here, such as using UV lights and AI to enhance water quality, or injecting CO2 into concrete to reducing cement use. Over half of Canada’s electricity comes from renewable sources, making it a global centre for clean energy as well.

It is estimated that in 2018, environmental and clean technology (ECT) activities accounted for $66 billion, or 3.2% of Canadian GDP.
There are more than 82,000 cleantech employees working across the Canadian sector.
Top 5
Canada’s current target for 2025 is to make clean technology one of the top five exporting industries, nearly tripling current value to $20 billion annually in exports.
Canadian Clean technology exports were valued at $7.8 billion in 2016, excluding electricity, energy products and primary products, waste management and other services.
Source: EDC Canada Cleantech Future, 2021
Canada ranked 4th in the Global Cleantech Innovation Index 2017.