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Peterborough’s Aerospace Sector

Discover a dynamic hub for aerospace innovation in Peterborough & the Kawarthas.

Centred around the Peterborough Airport and a thriving aerospace business park, and home to cutting-edge training programs, our region’s aerospace sector is an emerging leader in global manufacturing, repair and overhaul, and research and development.

Benefit from excellent access to unrestricted airspace, a highly skilled workforce, state-of-the-art training facilities, cost-effective infrastructure, and a strategic location – ideal for connecting with key players in the Canadian, U.S. and international aerospace industries.

Connect directly with Jamey Coughlin to get more insights into the aerospace sector:

Jamey Coughlin

Jamey Coughlin

Director of Business Attraction, Retention & Expansion

Invested by Peterborough’s aerospace supply chain in supplies and services, driving economic growth and industry development.
Source: EMSI Analyst

Why choose Peterborough for aerospace innovation?

In Peterborough & the Kawarthas, we understand the complex needs of the rapidly expanding aerospace sector, and the key role that it plays in fostering innovation across industries. Our unrestricted airspace, highly-trained workforce, and cutting-edge training facilities make our region a uniquely supportive environment for aerospace companies. Beyond those advantages, our ideal location serves as a natural gateway to both national and international markets, creating endless opportunities for expansion.

Growth and innovation await at the Peterborough Airport (YPQ)

As a regional economic driver and aerospace employment hub, Peterborough Airport is set to become Eastern Ontario’s leading airport. Its convenient location near major highways connecting to the Greater Toronto Area and Eastern Ontario positions aerospace businesses for success. A key player in the Southern Ontario Airport Network, YPQ offers an ideal environment to invest, build, and situate your business for future growth.

feet of runway can be found at the Peterborough Airport (YPQ): the longest civil runway between Toronto and Ottawa.
Source: Peterborough Airport
of the local aerospace sector’s supply chain purchases in Peterborough & the Kawarthas were sourced in-region in 2017.
Source: EMSI Analyst
More than $35 million has been invested into Peterborough Airport infrastructure improvements and expansion since 2010.
Source: Peterborough Airport
Aerial view of a runway and plane at Peterborough Airport

Investment Opportunity:

Join the Peterborough Airport Aviation Community

Find modern facilities accommodating Boeing 737-900 and Airbus 320 operations, and access to a range of services including aircraft maintenance, engineering solutions, and avionics, at the Peterborough Airport.

Discover a Thriving Aerospace Business Environment

Enjoy a competitive edge at the Peterborough Airport, where a central location, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and specialized services combine to propel your business to new heights.

Support repatriate flights 24/7 year-round from Peterborough’s central location, ensuring seamless patient transportation to hospitals in Peterborough, Oshawa, Cobourg, and Belleville

Unlock unparalleled development opportunities with over 30 acres of fully-serviced industrial and commercial ground and air-sized lots. [1]

Facilitate efficient air operations with access to one of the longest civil paved runways between Ottawa and Toronto. At 200′ wide and 7,000′ long, the runway at Peterborough Airport is specifically designed to support narrow-body aircraft such as the Boeing 737 and Airbus 320 series.

Experience streamlined customs and immigration clearance with the Canadian Passenger Accelerated Service System (CANPASS), a highly valuable service for travellers on corporate and private aircraft.

Aerial view of an airport

The Peterborough Airport Advantage:

Designed for Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO) Businesses

  • Unlock the freedom of no curfews and the flexibility for round-the-clock MRO operations.
  • Seamlessly establish and expand your operations, with environmental approvals already secured for MRO hangar facilities.
  • Access a network of reliable parts suppliers, avionics experts, and turbine engine support.
  • Enjoy convenient overnight courier services to major centres and facilitate swift and efficient logistics.

Source: Peterborough Airport

A Hub for Aerospace Education and Research.

Seneca College’s School of Aviation, located at the Peterborough Airport, delivers top-notch flight training and classroom instruction. Just minutes away, Fleming College’s Kawartha Trades & Technology Centre and Trent University’s Centre for Biomaterials Research contribute to the sector’s cutting-edge research, including the development of low-temperature, biodegradable lubricants and sustainable fuel additives.

The commitment to aerospace education in all PVNCCDSB high schools by offering High Skills Major programming is also noteworthy. Beyond the classroom, the region’s rich manufacturing culture, represented by the 50-member strong Kawartha Manufacturers Association, ensures a labor market brimming with highly qualified professionals.

Seneca College logo

Seneca College provides a world-class educational experience for students through its renowned School of Aviation.

As a premier Canadian aviation institution, Seneca enjoys international recognition for producing high-quality graduates, esteemed faculty, and fostering robust industry partnerships.


  • Honours of Bachelor of Aviation Technology
  • Graduate Certificate in Airline Pilot Flight Operations
  • Advanced Diploma in Aviation Safety
  • Diploma in Aviation Operations

Aerotrike Aviation

Aerotrike Aviation, based at Peterborough Airport since 1999, specializes in providing comprehensive ultralight flight training services. Access high-quality flight education opportunities with seasoned professionals and state-of-the-art facilities. [1]

Aviation and Aerospace Specialist High Skills Major

This specialized initiative, accessible at all PVNCCDSB high schools, revolves around an online Seneca Aeronautics College Credit Course and also doubles as a high school credit. It features engaging, live, online aviation industry encounters, complemented by immersive experiential learning days at Peterborough Airport and Trenton Air Force Base.  

A Strong Local Workforce for Airport-Based Businesses

In Peterborough & the Kawarthas, airport-based businesses soar, employing over 400 professionals and making a significant estimated GDP contribution of $66.0 million to the local economy.(1)

 # employees% of Total
3364 Aerospace product and parts manufacturing11428%
4811 Scheduled air transportation17644%
4812 Non-scheduled air transportation4411%
4881 Support activities for air transportation6817%

(1) According to the Airport Strategic Development Plan completed in 2017.

Aerospace in Ontario

With a commitment to ongoing investment in innovation, skills, and knowledge, Ontario is strategically positioned to excel in the competitive global aerospace market.

Ontario manufacturers play a vital role in the global supply chain for nearly every passenger aircraft worldwide, collaborating closely with academia to pioneer and commercialize cutting-edge products and technology.

  • 30% of the National MRO aerospace subsector is in Ontario. (1)
  • Ontario boasts over 200 firms employing more than 44,000 direct & indirect people. (2)
  • The annual spend on research and development in Ontario is $500 million. (2)
  • More than 40 post-secondary programs in applied aerospace and aviation are found in Ontario.

Southern Ontario stands out as a thriving ecosystem for aerospace businesses, positioned within the highest concentration of advanced manufacturing industries in Canada. Along this corridor, Peterborough emerges as a leading aerospace hub, with the second-largest aerospace sector in Canada and particularly known for its manufacturing and MRO capabilities.

Peterborough is a centre for growth in Southern Ontario, boasting over 40 million in strategic infrastructure investments tailored to enhance and support business operations in the aerospace sector. With easy access to Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and only two hours from the U.S. border, Peterborough presents a cost-effective alternative to larger markets, featuring lower corporate tax rates (25% compared to the 36% U.S. average) and business operating costs at 93.7% of U.S. business operating costs.

Aerospace in Canada

Within Canadian manufacturing industries, the Canadian aerospace industry holds the top position in research and development, with an investment of over $680 million.(1) This ongoing dedication to innovation, along with a diverse product range, positions Canada at the forefront of global aerospace manufacturing excellence.

(1) Source: State of Canada’s Aerospace Industry

Canada ranks 3rd in terms of civil-aircraft production.

Canada’s aerospace manufacturing and maintenance, repair, and overhaul industries,

  • generated direct annual revenues of more than $27 billion in 2016.
  • directly employs over 87,000 people.
  • is responsible for approximately 208,000 jobs across Canada.