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Elemental Tree Care Thankful For Starter Company Plus

By PKED Comms
Arborist standing on a tree

Here at Elemental Tree Care, we provide a wide range of services for all your tree care needs. We are locally owned and operated out of Bridgenorth, Ontario, just outside of Peterborough. We are a full-service company, from hazardous removals, tree pruning, plant health care services and beyond. We are all about dedication to our clients and their trees. We take pride in being certified arborists and hold ourselves to a high standard. Through constant training, years of experience and knowledge, we strive to keep current to provide you with the best tree and shrub care possible. We will work with you to make a plan for your trees that works for you!

What was the Starter Company Plus experience like for you?

We found The Starter Company Plus program to be very beneficial in learning about essentials to run a business as well as tools and webinars provided to help the businesses succeed. Not being very computer-oriented or business savvy it was important to gain the basics and the program did it at a moderate enough pace to ensure you were understanding each section of the business plan. For myself taking longer at creating and typing documents, I found the timelines a little difficult to keep up with. where someone who has ran a business for 4 years I assume would have had a far easier time creating this document.

Where did the idea for Elemental Tree Care come from?

The idea for Elemental Tree Care came from myself and Tyler working for a company with no energy left in the day. We were burning out early in the season and not enjoying our day to day. Tired of that, discussions and planning for equipment and general operations began. Tyler left the company before I did to get a head start on starting Elemental Tree Care while I finished the season

machines and arborist on tree

What are your hopes for the business in the next 3 years?

Our plans for the business in the next 3 years is to be profitable, with plans to increase shop size and move locations, and at the point hire an employee.

Has it been difficult launching a new business during the pandemic?

We have not faced too many challenges opening our business during a pandemic. we work outside and keeping staff low is much easier to manage and fewer protocols to be concerned with such low staff. I would have enjoyed the program and been more interactive with instructors if it were in person. 

What has the response in the community been since you launched?

The response in the community has been positive. friends from other cities requesting our service knowing who we are utilizing social media pages for customers just asking anyone to do certain types of work.

When they hear we are a professional company that specializes in tree work, the responses are positive and surprised as they were not expecting a professional company.

arborist on tree

What is your favourite thing about living and working in Peterborough & the Kawarthas?

The cottage country and surrounding lakes of Peterborough and the Kawarthas bring an exciting element to tree work and not having to work in such an industrialized city, we get some of the best views of the surrounding nature and landscapes doing what we do and climbing trees that no one ever has. The people here are friendly, cottagers especially. I have close ties to the city and growing up here I have a calling to improve the trees in a city I love so much.

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This article is a series highlighting the graduating businesses from the Business Advisory Centre’s Starter Company Plus program. This program has been a key stepping-stone for businesses and entrepreneurs looking to grow in the region and since 2017 has resulted in the creation of 74 startups and supported 47 business expansions. The program has also seen the opening of 22 brick-and-mortar locations in the region, and has created 141 jobs in the local community.

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