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ChatGPT & AI Tools for Digital Marketing

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ChatGPT & AI Tools for Digital Marketing – Delivered by: Camp Tech


Artificial intelligence can help simplify operations, reduce costs, and boost competitiveness. Learn how to use AI tools effectively and ethically in this beginner-friendly training session. We’ll explore a variety of AI options, and look at case studies, examples, and go hands-on with live demos. This training session will help bridge the gap between AI’s potential and practical benefits for your small business.

You’ll learn:

  • What all those buzzwords mean: artificial intelligence, machine learning, large language models, generative AI
  • Which AI tools can help with your administrative and marketing tasks, including ChatGPT, Jasper, DALL·E, Grammarly, Otter, and more
  • How to write effective prompts for ChatGPT, to get strong and accurate responses
  • What the ethical concerns are with artificial intelligence tools
  • Best practices for using AI in your digital marketing and content strategy

Afterwards, you’ll be able to:

  • Choose suitable AI solutions for administrative and marketing tasks
  • Develop a plan for integrating artificial intelligence tools into their business, and craft an organizational guide for the responsible use of AI
  • Increase efficiency and productivity in their business with the help of artificial intelligence tools

This workshop is part of the Digital Excellence Workshop series.

About Camp Tech:

Camp Tech is Canada’s most established leader in digital marketing skills training. Their programs are short, accessible, and designed to help small businesses and nonprofits harness the power of marketing to thrive in the digital economy. They love to help individuals of all backgrounds, ethnicities, and genders gain the digital skills and confidence needed to start a new career, launch a business or change the world with a new idea

Event Location

This event will take place at the Lakefield-Smith Community Centre, located at 20 Concession St, Lakefield  Ontario  K0L 2H0.