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Local Business Leaders Celebrate Sustainability

By Christine Drage
Green Economy Peterborough's Leadership in Sustainability 2nd Annual Awards & Celebration Graphic. Details on graphic include: May 4, 2023, 4-6pm at Market Hall, Peterborough. Please RSVP at

Written by Jackie Donaldson, Coordinator of Green Economy Peterborough

Which local business has pivoted away from flight-based offerings in order to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions?  Which one has installed solar panels and an EV charger as part of their commitment to protecting the land their businesses are located on? Which one has partnered with a local non-profit to help direct no-longer-needed items to a new home? And which one has a vision for a new community electric bike hub?

For Green Economy Peterborough members and eco-curious organizations, it’s time to celebrate sustainable actions taken by local businesses, meet new peers, and learn about Green Economy Peterborough, a program that supports local organizations to become more efficient, resilient, and climate-friendly.

On Thursday, May 4th, 4 to 6pm at Market Hall, Peterborough, Green Economy Peterborough is hosting an awards and celebration event where they’ll recognize the efforts of local members to make operational changes that not only reduce their greenhouse gas emissions but also reduce costs, increase their resiliency, and make customers and employees proud.

As the business adage goes, “you can’t manage what you don’t measure.” Through a comprehensive greenhouse gas reduction program, Green Economy Peterborough members take a deep dive into understanding and measuring their emissions, ensuring their operational changes make a positive impact, both on the environment and their bottom line.

Unlike similar programs, Green Economy Peterborough is locally-oriented; it taps into the relationships, knowledge, and successes of our business community.

“The sense of community among businesses in our region is huge,” says Jackie Donaldson, Green Economy Peterborough Hub Coordinator. “Businesses watch each other, get inspired by each other, are friends with each other. Through our local relationships, we can leverage and learn from the leadership of our members to move us all forward together; putting our region ahead of the pack.”

It’s not necessary to be a Green Economy Peterborough member to join in and network at this green business event! Curious business leaders are welcome to attend, meet new business friends, and learn about the sustainability efforts of their local peers.

To learn more about Green Economy Peterborough and to register for the Leadership in Sustainability Awards & Celebration, visit

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