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Newcomer Entrepreneurs: “Why Peterborough?”

By Kelly Jessup

Why Peterborough?

Have you heard? Peterborough has the highest percentage of Immigrant Entrepreneurs in Canada. This statistic about immigrant entrepreneurship in our community is a strong endorsement for both the business climate and quality of life in Peterborough.

At our last Creative Cocktail event, we had the opportunity to talk to Newcomer Entrepreneurs who live and work in Peterborough. We asked them the following questions:

What attracted you to Peterborough, Ontario?

How did you become successful in Peterborough, Ontario?

How receptive is Peterborough to Newcomer Entrepreneurs?

Would you recommend Peterborough, Ontario as a place to do business?

Newcomer Resources in Peterborough:

New Canadians Centre

Welcome Peterborough

Thank you to the featured Newcomer Entrepreneurs who participated in this video:

Bruce Khabbazi – CDC Inc.

Sandra Arciniega – La Hacienda Mexican Restaurant

Carmela Valles – Carmela Valles immigration Consulting

Beverly Lomosad – Newcomer Bulletin

Kemi Akapo – New Canadians Centre

Mbongeni Mtetwa

Javier Bravo – GiveLo

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