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Branding & Marketing E-Learning Course for Small Business

back view of a man using MacBook while holding it in his left hand

As part of our E-Learning Series, this session gives you a robust structure for formatting and identifying your business’ brand, how to develop a marketing strategy as well as an effective customer relations strategy.

Creating a customer-targeted marketing strategy is essential for creating a cost-effective marketing plan. Find the most relevant online and offline marketing tools that can help you connect with your customers and increase your profits.

In this E-Learning Course created by Peterborough & the Kawarthas Business Advisory Centre, you will explore:

  • Your business’ brand – what is it and why do you need one
  • How to create (or revisit ) a brand for your business
  • The importance of customer segmenting & target market
  • The development of a Marketing Strategy and the components of one
  • Marketing tactics to consider and include in your strategy including an overview of common digital marketing strategies

18 Lessons in this Course