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Starter Company Plus Grant Recipient Organized by Design Offers Professional Organizing Services

By PKED Comms
Nicole Cooke arranging CDs in a case

Nicole Cooke, owner and founder of Organized by Design, created her home organization business in 2019 to help individuals, families and businesses in the Peterborough area get organized and break free from the stress and anxiety caused by clutter. As a mother of three, Nicole is a professional organizer by trade with a strong focus in residential and commercial organization and downsizing, in addition to working with seniors and those with mental health issues help to address the clutter in their homes.

headshot of Nicole Cooke

“I am often reminded of the stress many of us feel when our homes or businesses are disorganized or inefficient” Nicole explains. “By bringing order to the physical items in your space, my work with Organized by Design can help to alleviate stress, anxiety and a frustrating lack of productivity. Bringing order, efficiency and calm to a space can truly change someone’s life. Particularly with those who may struggle mentally or emotionally with purging items on their own”

For Nicole, her mission for Organized by Design goes beyond just simply decluttering or purging physical items. As part of their service offerings, Organized by Design offers clients strategies for getting organized and staying organized. This includes new processes, redesigned spaces and problem-solving techniques for common disorganization triggers etc. Nicole’s solutions offer her clients flexibility, choice and above all, complete integration into their lifestyle.

Nicole’s compassionate approach takes all these lifestyle considerations into account when designing a strategy for clients in a safe and non-judgemental way. As Nicole puts it, “my job is part organizing, part psychology. It is my job to understand how you and your family works and think so we can create new organizational habits and processes that fit your unique needs.”

Nicole Cooke emptying packet ingredients in a container

When asked what potential clients should know about her, Nicole shared some interesting insight into her qualities as a business owner and professional organizer. “I’m actually not a minimalist,” Nicole shares. “A lot of people assume professional organizers are people who just want to get rid of everything. This is far from the truth. I’m very sentimental and my home reflects that. I work with my clients to declutter and organize but still hold on to the special things they treasure. If an item is important to my client, it is important to me.”

Being born and raised in Peterborough, Nicole is a proud member of the Peterborough community and cherishes the support available to small businesses like Organized by Design. “We truly have a goldmine of local businesses and services here; it is a place thriving with an entrepreneurial spirit,” Nicole shares. “I am incredibly thankful for the support I have received from Peterborough & the Kawarthas Economic Development through the Starter Company Plus Program, but also through fellow small business owners and even other businesses in my industry. There truly is a sense of community spirit here – we all want our local businesses to thrive and succeed.”

Organized by design's visiting cards

“To me, being an entrepreneur is an exciting way to use my skills and talents in a way that helps others in a meaningful way. The brainstorming behind Organized by Design was simple – I essentially just took all the elements I loved from every job I ever had and created a company,” says Nicole Cooke. 

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing guidelines, Organized by Design is offering in-person and virtual organization consultations and services to clients throughout the province. With these services, clients have the options of safe visits, or utilizing photos, videos and live chat to help create organizational strategies and solutions.

Trust and relationship building are the foundational cornerstones of Organized by Design. To book a virtual or in-person consultation, you can contact Nicole and Organized by Design on her website, her Facebook, or directly via email at

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