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Cleantech Commons at Trent University

Peterborough & the Kawarthas has designated real estate inventory for Cleantech businesses. CleantechCommons at Trent University is a new 85-acre research and technology park under development adjacent to Trent University.

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Rhonda Keenan

Rhonda Keenan

President and CEO

Aerial view of the Cleantech Commons grounds

Cleantech Commons is Canada’s Research and Technology Park focused exclusively on clean, green, low-carbon, environmental and climate technology research, innovation, entrepreneurship & commercialization.

This is an ideal place for clean technology companies focused in water technology, wastewater treatment, biomaterials and agri-food can access the highly-specialized talent, facilities and research they need to grow.

Offering a unique and picturesque location adjacent to the main campus of Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario, Cleantech Commons is designed to be a point of convergence for academic and industry partners driving innovation in water technology, contaminant analysis, agro-biotechnology and biomaterials.

Cleantech Commons clients are cleantech startups, scale-ups and growth companies focused on research & development; involved in the advancement and development of new technologies and intellectual property (IP); have an existing, or are committed to creating a future collaborative relationship with Trent University, Fleming College or other local post-secondary education institutions, including leveraging the skills, research, students, facilities or amenities of the institution; and understand the value of being part of a cluster of similar businesses. They are either Canadian ventures that appreciate the value of locating in a cleantech cluster, or international companies seeking to expand into, or establish a presence in, Canada.

Providing incubation and mentorship services to water sector ventures and leveraging the world-class academic, research and mentorship strengths found at the Water Quality Centre and School of the Environment at Trent University to support new company formation and growth in the water sector.

The location of Cleantech Commons adjacent to the Peterborough campus of Trent University, which has unique research and academic strengths and skills in the cleantech and environmental sectors, makes ours a unique location for a Research and Technology Park. Cleantech Commons brings together a truly unique combination of a number of key factors, including available land for development together with bulk servicing, provided through a partnership by Trent University and the City of Peterborough, in a location that is:

  • In the center of an emerging regional cleantech cluster
  • Co-located with world-class expertise, laboratories and facilities at Trent University in these main areas:
    • water technologies
    • contaminant analysis
    • environmental modelling
    • plant productivity
    • food security
    • wildlife conservation
    • biodiversity
    • impacts on northern & indigenous communities, and
    • environmentally-beneficial and bio materials – and all of this …
  • Within walking distance of Trent’s “School of the Environment”, which brings together all the environmental expertise to be found at the university.

Cleantech Commons is unique among Canada’s 27 Research Parks in specializing exclusively on the cleantech sector, and offering specific facilities and services to support cleantech sector innovation, entrepreneurship and the commercialization of the output of academic research

Cleantech Commons is Canada’s only Research and Technology Park focused exclusively on clean, green, low-carbon, environmental and climate technology research, innovation, entrepreneurship & commercialization.