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Peterborough’s Academic Institutions Boast World-Class Research Facilities for Cleantech Companies

By Kelly Jessup

Bright minds in Peterborough & the Kawarthas are learning, analyzing, and finding solutions to some of the world’s most complex environmental problems. The region’s academic institutions boast world-class research facilities and are actively partnering with local cleantech startups.

Trent University

  • Trent University has one of the largest Environmental & Life Sciences graduate programs in Canada with over 175 students graduating per year with their undergraduate degree in Environmental Science/Studies at Trent University – a huge source of market-ready graduates for full-time work or students looking for co-op programs and undergraduate student internships.
  • The Water Quality Centre at Trent University is the most comprehensive mass spectrometry facility in Canada, specializing in method development and the application of new and innovative techniques for measuring isotopes and trace amounts of organic and inorganic contaminants in water and other environmental compartments. Analytical services and mass spectrometer training courses are available to researchers, government agencies and private companies.

Fleming College

Ontario Tech University

  • Located just a short drive away from Peterborough & the Kawarthas in Oshawa is the Ontario Tech University (formerly the University of Ontario Institute of Technology), which is home to a Clean Energy Research Lab (CERL) The CERL is a world-class facility where researchers are working on the world’s first lab-scale demonstration of a copper-chlorine cycle for thermochemical water splitting and nuclear hydrogen production.
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