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Embracing natural beauty with Renew MediSpa

By PKED Comms
woman in mask at the reception of a wellness center

Established in 2017, Renew MediSpa has quickly grown into one of Peterborough’s top-ranked medical spas in the area. Offering a range of skincare and medical aesthetics procedures, Renew MediSpa founder Roxanne McDonald-Brown prides herself on being an inclusive space that is welcoming to everyone.

“We aren’t here to prey on people’s insecurities,” Roxanne shares. “This industry can often be predatory in that it makes people feel like maybe they aren’t good enough. That isn’t our practice, and that is not how we conduct our business. We want our clients to look and feel their best while still respecting and celebrating their natural beauty.”

As a Registered Practical Nurse with almost 10 years of experience in hospital and clinical settings, Roxanne’s path to opening Renew MediSpa involved a few twists and turns. “Nursing was a second career for me,” explains Roxanne. “Originally, I worked in the fashion industry focusing primarily on customer service experience. After working in a hospital setting as a nurse, I felt like opening Renew MediSpa was a good marriage of my two passions.”

a nurse performing medical procedure on the patient's tummy

Combining these two passions has become a successful venture for Roxanne, with Renew MediSpa being one of the first medical spas to offer trained nurse injector services such as Botox and dermal fillers. “I love learning about medical aesthetics and how I can bring these new services and learnings back to my clients in the Peterborough area. One of the fundamental ways we share this information is through our social media channels. It helps to demystify and educate people on the many uses of these types of procedures,” Roxanne says.

For Roxanne, this education element is essential to how she operates Renew MediSpa. “One of the things my team tries to reiterate with our clients, potential clients and social media followers is the empowerment that many people get from our services,” says Roxanne. “Our services are not based on feeling insecure about yourself; it is really about just doing something for yourself as a form of self-care. Whether it be some of our skincare treatments, laser hair removal or injectables, our services are really there for people who want to look and feel their best. All of our services are available to all genders, which is a common misconception as well.”

a medical procedure being performed on woman's stomach

When asked about what the Peterborough community means to her business, Roxanne shares her immense gratitude for the community support throughout the pandemic. Renew MediSpa has gone through many shifts through the COVID-19 pandemic as a service-based industry and remained closed for a large portion of the last year.

“If Renew was based in any other city, I don’t know if you would have made it through the pandemic,” shares Roxanne. “And I mean that wholeheartedly. I have been blown away by the community support we have received. I often get messages from clients and even people who aren’t clients asking me how they can support the business while we are closed. I know I speak for many business owners in the Peterborough area when I say how incredible that support has been. I think we would not have made it through this last year without it.”

For Roxanne, balancing her aspirations as an entrepreneur and a mom has been a rewarding challenge. “I am not from Peterborough originally, and one thing I underestimated was how inclusive and welcoming this community is. I am so proud to be building my business alongside an incredibly diverse range of entrepreneurs and business owners.”

As the pandemic continues on, Roxanne has found new ways to reach her clients and tap into new audiences in the Peterborough area. Renew MediSpa now delivers high-quality, pharmaceutical-grade skin care and at-home spa packages to local customers. “We’re really just doing all we can to keep on supporting our customers until we can be back safely in the clinic.”

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In addition to her skincare delivery, Renew MediSpa is now offering virtual skincare and injectables consults for all current and potential clients. “We have found these virtual consults have been incredibly convenient for our clients, and we have heard lots of positive feedback from our clients. We can recommend skincare products and other services virtually, and then clients can order their skincare online for local delivery,” says Roxanne.

For more information on Renew MediSpa and their services, visit their website at at the clinic at 194 Charlotte Street, Peterborough.

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