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The Future of Nuclear is Here: Rolls-Royce Civil Nuclear Canada Ltd. Expands

By Kelly Jessup

Rolls-Royce Civil-Nuclear Canada Ltd. has been located in Peterborough for over 40 years. They customize specialized equipment including small components, maintenance equipment, pressure vessels, tooling platforms and customized systems for the nuclear industry. They supply equipment and products to two nuclear facilities in Ontario.

What makes the product produced at Rolls-Royce’s Peterborough location unique is that they “build what they design” – this allows for everyday interaction between engineers and the skilled tradespeople assembling the equipment, leading to innovative design solutions and integration across all functions of their team.

On Wednesday, Rolls-Royce Civil-Nuclear Canada held an Open House where clients, suppliers and associated organizations and industries could explore their recently expanded facility.  The expansion also allows them to hire more skilled labour – engineers, program managers and skilled tradespeople – growing in size from 70 employees to 110 (with a foreseeable 30 additional jobs in the future).

“This significant expansion at Rolls-Royce Civil Nuclear, reinforces that Peterborough is an attractive community for companies to grow.” said Peterborough Economic Development’s Director of Investment Expansion, Lorne Kelsey. “We are happy to have been able to support their growth by connecting them with funding opportunities, and we will continue to work with Rolls-Royce as they expand their workforce.”

This expansion allows for Rolls-Royce to overcome the height limitations that have been an ongoing challenge they encounter with their projects.  The expanded “Super High Bay” adds 12,000 square feet to their facility and will allow them to expand their output and to take on larger, more complicated, integrated systems. This extension has 63 foot high ceilings and a 30 ton overhead crane to support their projects.

Rolls-Royce Civil Nuclear Canada Ltd. is an important part of Peterborough’s advanced manufacturing sector and Ontario’s nuclear supply chain. Rolls-Royce finds support in the skilled local labour force and works with smaller companies in Peterborough which support with specialized manufactured products.

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