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Norwood Startup Wins Startup Canada Regional Award for Sustainable Development

By Kelly Jessup

Being named as part of the Startup Canada Communities Network this year: Great!

Being home to Startup Canada award-winning company: Even better.

It was with great pride that I attended the 2015 Regional Startup Awards in Ottawa this week to celebrate with Entomo Farms (formerly Next Millennium Farms) as they received the award for Excellence in Sustainable Development.

Entomo Farms is creating the planet’s most sustainable superfood – and there’s been a lot of chirping about their product in local and international media this year. The cricket flour, insect flour and cricket protein produced by the brothers of Entomo Farms, is innovative food at its finest, and a product that according to a United Nations report, presents a solution to the future needs of feeding a world population where resources are being consumed quickly.

The Regional Startup Canada Sustainable Development award recognizes companies that exhibit excellence in their approach to the environment, ethics, community interaction and corporate social responsibility.

As they accepted the award, the brothers recognized the important role that support played to their success, crediting community organizations including Peterborough Economic Development, Startup Peterborough, Peterborough Community Futures Development Corporation and the Greater Peterborough Innovation Cluster.

So what is next for Entomo? The National Awards of course! As the regional winner in the Province of Ontario, they will compete in the National Startup Canada Awards in Toronto on December 1st.

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