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BWXT Peterborough

BWXT Peterborough assembles fuel bundles and manufactures fuel destined for CANDU reactor power generating plants

Fuelling Growth In Peterborough Since 2015

Licensed and regulated by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, BWXT Peterborough is part of BWXT Nuclear Energy Canada, one of three sites that assemble fuel bundles and manufacture fuel destined for CANDU reactor power generating plants in Darlington, Pickering, and Bruce County. Located on Monaghan Road, BWXT Peterborough began operations in 2015 and now boasts a workforce of close to 400 employees, nearly half of whom are engineers specializing in various disciplines.

In addition to fuel bundle assemblies, BWXT Peterborough designs and manufactures fuel handling and reactor inspection maintenance tooling and delivery systems. To meet the strict requirements of its regulatory license, BWXT Peterborough files an annual compliance report with the commission to detail safety, health and environment data, procedures, and actions. That report, along with information regarding any operational events with a potential impact on the community, is shared publicly via the company’s website, notes Monifa Miller, Senior Director, Corporate Affairs.

“People have questions around nuclear, and how it impacts them and their communities,” she acknowledges. “We make this information readily available, not only because it’s required of us, but because it’s what we should do as a good community partner.”

Terming Peterborough “an optimal location” for its ready access to “a highly skilled labour force,” Miller is also proud of BWXT employees’ commitment to community engagement, as reflected through their employee-driven participation in community events such as the Dragon Boat Festival.

“There’s a calendar of volunteer activities that help support the community in a variety of ways,” she says. “For our employees, it’s about more than creating fuel and fuel bundles. It’s about giving back to, and growing, the community where they work and live. There’s a real sense of pride in that.”

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