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County of Peterborough

The County of Peterborough is made up of 8 unique and diverse townships.

With vast scenic lakes, rolling hills of farmland, and bustling towns and villages, the County is home to permanent residents who enjoy everything the area has to offer – all year round. The County also welcomes seasonal residents and a large tourist population with open arms.

Peterborough County is just a quick northeast drive from the Greater Toronto Area, right in the heart of central-eastern Ontario

With our central location, the County affords easy access to major cities right across the northern shore of Lake Ontario – as well as to Ottawa. While we are only a short jaunt to urban centres, we are also just far enough away to offer beautiful scenery, lakes, rivers, forests and the distinct “Land Between” landscape that blends the best of Laurentian and Shield flora and fauna.

In the County you can have it all

The peace and tranquility of nature, close-knit community life, and access to small, medium, and large urban centers. Each township – along with the City of Peterborough – has its own unique charm. Each has its own distinct landscape, sense of community, and regional flair.