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Objective 3

Workforce Development

MonthActive Job PostingsNew Job PostingsNumber of Companies with Active Postings

Job Post Trends

The number of new job posts, active job posts, and companies hiring over the last 12 months

Workforce Programming

Through PKED’s advisory partnership with the Ontario Tourism Education Corporation (OTEC), PKT continued to provide businesses access to online self-paced learning opportunities focusing on the tourism industry, including:

  • Service Excellence
  • Leadership Skills
  • ‘It’s Your Shift’ – with a focus on successful tourism industry HR practices

Through the Tourism HR Toolkit is an interactive step-by-step program to attract new tourism employees:

The Tourism Industry Association of Ontario (TIAO) launched their Tourism Workforce Sustainability Program with the aim to expand and diversify Ontario’s tourism workforce while helping employers retain emplyees for the long-term sustainability of their businesses and industry.

In alignment with values of partnership and collaboration, the program complements and aligns with other workforce development projects by partners such as Indigenous Tourism Ontario (ITO) and OTEC.

Employees in the program have access to unique mentorship opportunities to support their individual lifestyles and goals.