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Objective 1

Promote Peterborough & the Kawarthas to Key Audiences (3/3)

Ongoing Efforts to Support PKED’s Earned Media Strategy

In March, author Laura Byrne Paquet was hosted by PKED on a FAM tour of the region to support content for her upcoming book Ottawa Road Trips: Your Weekend Getaway Guide – the essential travel guide to road-tripping around Ottawa.

Author Laura Byrne Paquet has written the popular and award-winning Ottawa Road Trips blog ( since 2014.

Cover of Ottawa Road Trips: Your Weekend Getaway Guide

Travel Media Partnership

Spring Shoulder-Season Content Development for New Outdoor Experiences

Sustainable destination development is an important aspect of responsible tourism attraction. As Peterborough & the Kawarthas Tourism transitions towards a sharper focus on building the region’s Spring and Fall Shoulder seasons, as well as Winter tourism to drive year-round visitation and spending for the region, the marketing and communications team has begun developing new content in support of these efforts.

One of the most effective tactics used is partnership building with trusted travel writers, bloggers, and influencers.

Earlier this spring PKT hosted award-winning travel bloggers Christoper and Bri Mitchell on a Spring weekend getaway press trip featuring some newly developed experiences and some popular places to visit, which will also be used as content for upcoming contests on

The couple tested out the brand new Rare Escape experience, as well as the new secluded off-grid cabin in Keene, called HoneyCove.

This is just a sampling of some of the blogs and social media posts created through this campaign, which has led to increased sales and bookings for the partners.

Rare Escape: Head to North Kawartha to Eat World Class Cuisine, and Take a Deep Breath

Kassy and Tyler Scott ran the ever popular restaurant in Peterborough, Rare (closing at the end of May), and though they loved many aspects of it (and that love was definitely shared by the community), they realized that they were escaping the stress of being restaurant owners by heading to the outdoors…