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Charlotte Products

Global leader in the production of effective, healthy and environmentally responsible cleaning solutions

Keeping our indoor spaces clean and ‘green’ since 1986

For more than 35 years, Charlotte Products Limited has been a highly regarded and awarded global leader in the production of effective, healthy and environmentally responsible cleaning solutions. Sprung from the vision of Swish Group of Companies chair Tony Ambler, Charlotte Products Limited was the leader in the introduction of ‘green’ chemistry to its production process and has since again led the way in the introduction of all-organic cleaning solutions.

Located at 2060 Fisher Drive in Peterborough and home to more than 50 employees, Charlotte Products Limited, according to CEO Matthew Strano, has evolved into “kind of like the Apple of cleaning.” He adds the company’s valued proposition is defined by three circles – “We’re very good at understanding industry trends, we only go to market with best-in-class products, and knowledge transfer…we sell cleaning programs and solutions to our customers with our products.”

In addition, Strano notes the company’s self-imposed sustainability test is anchored in three unmovable pillars – there must a financial saving to the customer, there has to be an environmental benefit derived from the use of its products, and a positive social impact must be realized.

At the heart of Charlotte Products’ product offerings is Enviro-Solutions, a trademarked full line of premium green cleaning products and solutions used widely in the ‘green’ cleaning of schools and other large gathering places, both local and well beyond the region. Terming Peterborough “a fantastic spot logistics-wise” in terms of its proximity to major transportation routes such as Highway 401.

“Someone once asked me ‘Why Peterborough?’ adds Strano. “My first response was why not? You’ve got the lakes, you’ve got good education, you’ve got health care. Why not Peterborough?”

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