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Merit Precision

The go-to manufacturer of high-quality injection-moulded parts and products

Custom Injection Moulding Shapes Ongoing Success

Co-founded as Merit Precision Moulding in 1993 by Tim Barrie and Dan Bailey, Merit Precision Limited has earned a stellar reputation as the go-to manufacturer of high-quality injection-moulded parts and products for customers in the Peterborough region, USA and well beyond in Asia and Europe – a long and impressive list that includes General Motors, Savage Arms, Charlotte Products and Siemens Canada.

At two Peterborough plants – 2035 Fisher Drive and 415 Pido Road (formerly G.B. Book Plastics) – 75-plus employees put 23 injection moulding machines through their paces. In 2021, that resulted in more than 8.4 million parts produced and delivered. In addition, the company offers engineering services, tooling expertise, small assembly, pad printing and machining.

“We try to diversify as much as we can so we can weather the storms,” explains Bailey. The goal today is as simple as it is prudent: To not have more than 20 percent invested in any one customer in any one industry.

“Diversification is what got us through COVID,” assesses Bailey.

No better example of Merit Precision’s vision and business smarts can be seen than its 2010 acquisition of H&J Precision, a Peterborough company that manufactures nuclear fuel bundle components. That bold move not only brought a very successful business into the fold but also its highly skilled employees.

“We don’t stay in the box,” says Bailey. “If there’s an opportunity, what do we need to do? How do we need to change to make the most of any opportunity? A huge upside of being diversified is that we get to implement best practices from many different industries into our business.”

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