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Savage Arms (Canada) Inc.

On target production of award-winning firearms.

Since Arthur Savage received a patent in 1887 for his groundbreaking Model 99 hammerless lever action rifle, Savage Arms has manufactured and delivered innovative and competitively priced rifles and accessories to North American and overseas markets. 

The company’s Canadian operation traces its roots back to 1995 when Savage Arms acquired Lakefield Arms. Promising to “bring our customers the innovative products and services that they want and deliver the performance they demand,” Savage Arms Canada in Lakefield produces more than 300,000 firearms annually, which represents 30 percent of the company’s total annual output. Employees’ pride in Savage Arms’ long history of excellence is evident in the multi-awarded quality of each firearm they produce, including its signature Mark II bolt-action rifle. Referencing Savage Arms’ sizable contribution to what he terms “regional prosperity,” vice-president and general manager Terry McCullough points to its vendor partnerships with local companies such as Merit Precision and Harco Enterprises as key to the company’s success. 

Well more than half of Savage Arms’ yearly material purchases are made within a 100-mile radius of its Water Street location. More significantly, Savage Arms’ prosperity has consistently contributed to the local employment landscape. “We’ve got young people learning advanced manufacturing,” says McCullough. “We’re hiring skilled trades; we’re hiring high school graduates and giving them their first job…and we’re still growing.” 

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