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Objective 4

Start-Ups & Entrepreneurship

BAC Inquiries
BAC Consultations
Businesses started with support from BAC
Workshops hosted

Promoting Entrepreneurship through the Business Advisory Centre

Self-Employment Workshops

Connected with Employment Planning and Counselling (EPC) to provide workshops to job counsellors on self-employment as a career path for their clients 

Women’s Business Network

Guest speaker to the January 2023 Women’s Business Network evening networking event on “Customer Personas as a Small Business” 

Delivering a Business Pitch

Trent University guest speaker to 3rd and 4th year business students on how to properly deliver a business pitch. Provided the students real world critiques and experiences in their culminating presentations. 

Starter Company Plus Showcase

The much anticipated Starter Company Plus Showcase returned in February to celebrate participants and grant winners from the seven intakes of the Starter Company Plus program that occurred between 2020 and 2022.

Read the media coverage:

Ella Fischer-Slack (left) and Madeleine Hurrell (right) cutting a red ribbon with giant scissors

Tax Workshops

Three tax workshops ran over February and March for Sole Proprietorships and Incorporated Entities. These workshops were delivered via Canada Revenue Liaison Officers.

Using the theme of doing your taxes feeling like Groundhog day, PKED worked with Kawartha Now to release an article on Groundhog day promoting the tax webinars.

Person writing on a sticky note on a desk covered in tax related worksheets with a calculator, a highlighter, a mug and a phone

Workshops and Events to Support Entrepreneurs in Q1…

Workshops and events have been provided in a hybrid environment, including in-person and virtual throughout the City and County.